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Cuxhaven in Germany is center of Royal Greenland’s European production


In 2010 Royal Greenland acquired production facilities in Cuxhaven in order to set up retail packing of roe from Greenland. Now, ten years later, the engagement in the North German port town has increased considerably and Cuxhaven is now Royal Greenland’s key European production unit producing and packing finished products within four product categories.

Every year new products and concepts are developed in cooperation between the many visiting customers and Royal Greenland’s team of category managers and product developers. This fall, visits are for obvious reasons not allowed – instead we invite you to familiarize yourself with our Cuxhaven production here:

Cuxhaven is perfectly situated for fast and efficient delivery to customers in continental Europe and Great Britain, but also customers from other parts of the world place orders within the vast range of products produced in the unit. Centralization of productions and species in Cuxhaven has created substantial synergies and accumulation of knowledge which have resulted in high performance teams and stable deliveries.

Packaging of cooked & peeled prawns 

Royal Greenland’s cooked and peeled prawns are primarily caught by smaller vessels fishing close to shore in Greenland. Independent fishermen land their catches at one of Royal Greenland’s factories along the West coast. Here a range of foodservice and industry products are packed, whereas most retail products are shipped off and packed into finished products in Cuxhaven.

Watch a short movie on the production of cooked and peeled prawns in Cuxhaven


Royal Greenland offers a variety of brand concepts as well as a wide range of packaging options for cooked and peeled prawns.

See our US retail range of cooked & peeled products here

Prawns in brine

Royal Greenland’s range of brine products consists mainly of a selection of cold-water prawns in brine adjusted to market and customer preferences. Furthermore, we offer crayfish and vannamei prawns in brine.  

Watch a short film about production of prawns in brine here


A wide range of tub sizes are available

Chilled Selection

Proximity to European main markets offers excellent opportunities for bringing our high-quality Chilled Selection™ range to market. Royal Greenland’s re-fresh range Chilled Selection™ is based on the same raw material as the renowned Nutaaq® cod. Chilled Selection™ is packed on ice in polystyrene boxes.

Watch a short film about the production Chilled SelectionTM here


Specifications on Chilled Selection™ can be found in our Industrial Products Catalogue

See specifications on Chilled Selection™ in our Industrial Products Catalogue here

Lumpfish roe

Lumpfish are caught in Greenland, where the roe is separated from the fish immediately after catch. The roe is then brined in salt and stored in barrels during transportation to Cuxhaven. Here the roe undergoes thorough quality tests and is cleaned from impurities and excess salt in a large tumbler. Subsequently the roe is dyed, filled into small glasses or piping bags and finally pasteurized. Before packing the roe packaging is x-rayed and pass through a metal detector to ensure that no glasses have splinters or metal.

Watch the film to see the fishery in Greenland and the production of lumpfish roe in Cuxhaven, Germany.


Roe is available in glasses of different sizes and practical piping bags.

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