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The ultimate guide to breading

Winston Churchill called them "the good companions". John Lennon smothered his in tomato ketchup. Michael Jackson liked it with mushy peas. Fish n' chips are a true national favourite of the UK, but it is just one of many ways to coat your favourite fish in a crunchy shell. Do you know the different types of breading? Royal Greenland takes you on the ultimate tour of our breading and batter types!

Lightly dusted

Lightly dusted fish have - as the name emplies - a thin breading of about 20% of the gathered product. This type of breading offers a thin, crispy crust with a juicy fish inside. The light breading has a higher content of fish than fully breaded products, making it a healthier alternative. 


Behind the up-scale name lies a classic, french way of preparing fish where the flavour of the fish is truly favoured. The exact translation of meunière is 'millers wife'. Because the millers wife had easy access to flour, it became a term for cooking a fish turned in flour. Try using wheat, rye or durum flour and add a splash of paprika or some chopped herbs for a subtle, but flavourful breading. Like the lightly dusted products, this type of breading also contains less fat and constitutes only 8% of the finished product. 


A classic breading is a crowd pleaser because it is incredibly crisp and tasty. At Royal Greenland we bread like the chefs with a traditional 3-step process: first turned in flour, then in egg and lastly in fine bread crumbs. The first step secures the removal of any superfluous fluids, which helps the fish stay nice and juicy. The second step adds the egg batter and helps protect the fish during the intense cooking heat. The last step provides flavour, colour and texture. Depending on the size of the fish, the amount of breading will vary from product to product, but for Royal Greenland's product in general the amount of breading in a finished product is betweeen 35 and 46%. 


The batter - a favoured choice for fish n' chips - gives a crisp, tasty and light surface, that unvails a juicy fish on the inside. At Royal Greenland we use a specific type of batter called Tempura, that originates from the japanese kitchen. Compared to traditional breading, the batter offers a more crisp and delicate covering by adding batter in the last step of the process instead of bread crumbs. Depending on the product, the amount of batter in a finished product will be between 20 and 40%. 

Glutenfree breading

As the number of gluten intollerant people rise, Royal Greenland has launched a series of breadings based on rice, chick pea and corn flour. With no eggs or milk in the recipe, the product is likewise suited to accommodate intollerance to these items. With the new breadings, we have created a series of fish that offer a flavourful, crunchy taste and feel with a moist and delicious fish on the inside.

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