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Royal Greenland launches online product database


Royal Greenland is proud to present a new addition to our website; a new online tool for a complete and transparent overview of our wide Foodservice & Gastro range. The product database is available through our webpage and provides all relevant product details.

Royal Greenland introduces a new feature on that supplies our customers and consumers with in-depth knowledge of our products. The product database holds Royal Greenland's wide range for the Foodservice & Gastro segment and gives the opportunity to both gain knowledge of a product and its origin but also provides the reader with cooking inspiration. Hanne Kvist, Director of Group Market Development & Marketing at Royal Greenland says;

"All products are supplied with in-depth and detailed descriptions such as tips for cooking, information about storage, nutrition, allergens and origin and for our key species it links to a small film about the fishery and processing. Each product sheet thus delivers relevant information to our customers and at the same time supplies transparency in our range and value chain. It easily traces products all the way from finished product to origin."

In addition to the easy accessible information and product transparency, Royal Greenland's customers are also able to create a customizable catalogue, where both the search function and menu selection give opportunity to choose only the relevant products.

Royal Greenland's product database is online and available for you here

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