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Experience the best from the North Atlantic at SEG


Royal Greenland looks forward to welcome customers and colleagues to stand 5-121 at this year's Seafood Expo Global where we will present a solid and versatile range of frozen and chilled high quality fish and shellfish from the North Atlantic.

As a truly vertically integrated company we catch, process and deliver high quality, wild-caught seafood. With our own fishing fleet and through cooperation with more than 1500 independent fishermen across the North Atlantic, we take pride in providing world class seafood. We process with the respect for the delicate raw materials before we deliver our products to consumers across the globe.

Ashore in Western Greenland, and in Newfoundland and Quebec in Canada, independent fishermen land their catches to one of our more than 40 land-based facilities and factories spread along the coastlines. The local proximity allows Royal Greenland to access a variety of delicious, fresh seafood and sustains thousands of workplaces in the local communities.

Key products

Royal Greenland's range of natural fish features Greenland turbot and Atlantic cod of outstanding quality. With the MSC certification of the offshore fishery for Greenland turbot in West Greenland, we are delighted to offer uniform, boneless MSC fillets and portions and a variety of cold- and hot-smoked Greenland turbot products to our customers.

Within shellfish and roe, Royal Greenland is proud to show a high-quality selection of some of the world's most popular and sought after delicacies from the North Atlantic; cold-water shrimps, snow crab, lobster, scallops and lumpfish roe.

As a truly vertically integrated company, Royal Greenland takes responsibility for every step of the process from sea to table with the aim to bring wild-caught, high-quality seafood from the North Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans to consumers around the globe.

Alongside the range of natural fish and shellfish, Royal Greenland will also feature a range of smoked fish and convenience products such as hot – and cold smoked Greenland turbot, salmon and Atlantic cod and a range of different breaded fish.

Explore Greenland in virtual reality

As a new feature on our stand, we invite you to experience the environment and atmosphere of Greenland first hand, and among other things, explore our inshore fishery for Greenland turbot in the Disco Bay through Virtual Reality – it is almost like being there yourself!

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