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Mission & Vision

Based on our North Atlantic origin and identity, we take pride in delivering unique, safe and healthy seafood products to consumers all over the world who value fish and shellfish of high quality.

As a truly vertically integrated company, Royal Greenland is committed to creating prosperity and development for the fishing communities that deliver our seafood.


We sustainably maximize the value of marine resources to which we have privileged access, for the benefit of our owners and our local communities.


We wish to be
The North Atlantic Champion

Royal Greenland is the world’s largest supplier of cold-water prawns and Greenland halibut.

We aim to expand our position in the North Atlantic and the Arctic. A local presence in both Greenland and Atlantic Canada is a central part of our strategy. This enables us to benefit from the experience and know-how of the local fishing communities and ensure a stable supply of fish and seafood from all of our North Atlantic and Arctic locations.

As a fully vertically integrated company, we combine fishing with processing, logistics and sales in order to deliver wild-caught seafood of the highest quality, from catch to consumer.

Royal Greenland's market position is based on in-depth knowledge of global customer and consumer requirements, and we seek to achieve the strongest market position in all global markets where there is long-term potential for our products.

We are closest to the fish, closest to the customers and closest to the consumers.

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