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Production Sites

In Royal Greenland’s factories in Greenland, Quebec, Newfoundland, Denmark and Poland, fresh fish and shellfish are landed on a daily basis.

Royal Greenland owns a total of 48 factories and processing facilities in Greenland, Canada and Europe.


Along the west coast of Greenland Royal Greenland owns 38 plants and facilities including large plants with 2-3 shifts per day and small facilities with 1-2 employees. The factories in Greenland mainly operate with prawns, Greenland halibut, cod, crab and lumpfish roe. The plants’ activities range widely, from the production and packaging of finished products to the packaging of intermediate products for further processing in Asia or Poland, as well as, for example, block freezing and salting.


Royal Greenland runs 6 production units in Eastern Canada:

In Newfoundland, Quin-Sea Fisheries Ltd. consist of five first sale and processing facilities, where local fishermen land their catches. The primary species originating from Newfoundland are snow crab, prawns, whelk, lobster, herring, cod, Greenland halibut and capelin.

In Matane, at the north coast of New Brunswick, Eastern Quebec Seafoods Ltd. purchases and processes prawns, primarily from the local fishing grounds.


Royal Greenland runs a total of 3 factories in Europe – 1 in Denmark and 2 in Germany. In Denmark, the factory in Aalborg primarily operates in two areas: final packaging of prawns for European retail and foodservice customers, and production of prawns in brine. The two German factories in Cuxhaven are jointly administered and focus on packaging the zip-lock and chain pack assortments, and retail packaging of lumpfish roe. 

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