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Royal Greenland

Nutaaq® cod fillet, skin-on

5-8oz (142-227g), PBI, Single frozen, 5 kg, frozen

Royal Greenland A/S

Hellebarden 7,

9230 Svenstrup, Denmark

Tel. +45 98154400

Nutaaq® cod fillet, skin-on
Nutaaq® cod fillet, skin-on
Nutaaq® cod fillet, skin-on

Nutaaq® cod fillets forms an exceptional taste experience with its fresher, brighter, tastier meat, made from the finest Atlantic cod from Greenland. In the clean, ice-cold waters around Greenland, the cod grows slowly because of the low temperatures. This gives the flavours time to develop their nuances fully.

In season Nutaaq® cod are caught in net traps by local fishermen. The live cod are carefully transported to the local Royal Greenland factory in Maniitsoq where they are processed and frozen within 2 hours from leaving the water.

Nutaaq® cod has a mild umami flavour and a delicate sweetness to the firm and juicy meat. When cooked the cod flakes beautifully into snow-white pieces and provides a healthy and nutritious meal with its high protein and low fat content.


Cod fillets (fish). Water (protective glaze).


We recommend a gentle cooking skin side up at low temperatures. When the meat is cooked, remove the skin carefully and serve the fillet with fatty and acidic flavours to compliment the subtle taste and texture of the meat.

Cooking instructions

Prepare in oven at low heat or on pan at moderate heat

Thawing instructions

Defrost in refrigerator at max 5°C

Catching gear


Catching area

Northwest Atlantic (FAO 21)