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New manager on the way

In 2016, Aaneeraq Josefsen started as a quality assurance employee at Royal Greenland's factory in Maniitsoq, and since then time has flown by. But it has not always been smooth sailing.

Aaneeraq is quality manager for a team of four employees at the factory in Maniitsoq. She is very busy, especially in the summer, when the production of Nutaaq cod is at its peak. Yet Aaneeraq always has a big smile, and her voice is happy and confident: ‘I love being here - we help each other, both in my team and in the management team. I’m always excited about what’s happening and what the day will bring’.

This was not the case when Aaneeraq was first appointed manager, in May 2018. Prior to her appointment, she had first served as team leader, taking over the management of the team when the manager was on holiday or travelling. This worked fine when the manager was close by; Aaneeraq could always call and did not have to make major decisions herself, or conduct difficult conversations with employees. After completing a team leadership course at the beginning of 2018, Aaneeraq became interim quality manager, but she did not see herself actually applying for the position. However, by request, she ended up applying for and getting the job as quality manager, which meant adjusting her tasks and taking charge herself.  ‘After a while, I did not feel that I belonged anywhere; the role of manager was quite a handful and I considered resigning’.

Help from colleagues and manager training turned things around

‘Luckily, I reached out to the factory management and the rest of the management team, and they have helped me a lot,' says Aaneeraq. Besides a good working relationship with the factory management and the management team, in 2019 Aaneeraq was given the opportunity to complete Royal Greenland Academy's leadership course in three modules. Here, focus is on personal management style, conversations with employees and planning.

In 2020, all employees at the factory in Maniitsoq completed the Sulisa+ program, which focuses on personal development and self-management. ‘Sulisa+ has been great for the entire workplace; I believe that everyone is happier now and feels valued as an employee and as part of a strong and unified team at the factory '. For Aaneeraq, Sulisa+ for all employees and her own leadership course played a vital role in her own development. Today, she thrives in her role as a manager.

Close to family

Aaneeraq was born in Maniitsoq, but moved to Nuuk after her parents divorced when she was 12. In Nuuk, she went to school and after she graduated in 2016, she wanted to move back home to Maniitsoq, where her father and older sister still live and work. With her good experience at work, today Aaneeraq is happy to be in Maniitsoq, where she lives with her fiancé and has her family close by.

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