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Migrant employees

We want to offer all employees the same conditions, irrespective of nationality and destination

When employees move from one district to another, or from abroad, a number of conditions must be met.

Not only is the work new for these employees, but also their homes and everyday lives after work. At Royal Greenland, we wish to work more systematically with newly arrived employees, so that we can offer all employees the same conditions, irrespective of residence, nationality and destination. 

When employees are recruited from abroad, there is a potential risk that customary human and employee rights are breached in less transparent recruitment chains. Special attention should be paid to the recruitment of employees from China, where there is a risk, for example, of recruitment fees being charged, or employees’ passports being withheld.

From China to Greenland

From China to Greenland

International workers thrive in Greenland. They value the good working conditions with friendly managers and colleagues, as well as the opportunity to save up from their salaries.

Meet a group of international colleagues here


We wish to ensure a sustainable workforce comprising local employees supplemented with external employees. Our aim is to ensure equal conditions for the two groups and to be an attractive workplace that safeguards good recruitment as well as good working and housing conditions for external employees.

Status 2020

Recruitment of external manpower takes place in accordance with applicable legislation. Manpower for factories in Greenland is recruited via the Nordjob scheme, from China and internally in Greenland.

Goal 2022

  • Compile a policy, goals and specifications for the recruitment of external employees, including compliance with ethical requirements.
  • Definition and documentation of minimum standards for the housing offered to external employees.


  • Compile a policy for the recruitment of external employees and investigate opportunities to optimise housing conditions for employees working under short-term contracts.

Ambition 2030

  • Full implementation of goals and policies. 

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