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Adjustment of the labour supply

We want to be a workplace that to a greater extent is adjusted to the circumstances of various employee groups

Around one third of the employees at our factories in Greenland are women, and we wish to increase this number.

At many of our factories in Greenland, the workforce predominantly comprises men. Around one third of our employees are women. There is a generally higher employee turnover rate for women, which indicates that there is room for improvement in our working conditions for our female employees in particular.

In addition, it will be beneficial for both the company and the society to adapt jobs to suit young people, seniors or persons with reduced physical capacity, by offering a flex-job scheme.  


We want to be a workplace that to a greater extent is adapted to the circumstances of various employee groups, including local female employees, technically trained women and young employees, seniors and employees in flex-jobs.

Status 2020

In Greenland, women account for around one third of all production employees.

There are no defined job conditions for seniors, young people or people in flex-jobs. Tests for heavy lifting have taken place. 

Goal 2022 

The proportion of women in the local workforce at factories in Greenland will increase to 40% or higher.

Adjustment of the labour supply to include all work groups, including young people aged from 15 to 18, seniors and flex-job employees.   


  • Investigate the reasons for the low percentage of female employees at specific factories, including assessment of any need for childcare provision in relevant regions.
  • Job creation for technically trained women and employees requiring flex-time or part-time positions.
  • Adjustment of the working environment to physically accommodate all employees, irrespective of gender, age or physical capability, to a greater extent.

Ambition 2030

Demographic conditions are changing constantly and are to a great extent also currently affecting small towns and settlements in Greenland. Many residents, with a slight over-representation of women, are moving away from small communities to live in larger towns. Our ambition towards 2030, within the existing framework, is for all defined employee groups to be well-represented in production.

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