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Royal Greenland Academy – Internal training academy

We wish to attract and retain qualified employees through ongoing relevant competence development

Royal Greenland Academy coordinates course activities.

A large proportion of Royal Greenland’s production employees are unskilled. This makes competence development and upgrading of qualifications by taking professional and personal development courses via Royal Greenland Academy extremely important. One of the Academy’s programmes is Sulisa+, which is a specially developed course, with focus on workplace culture, that adds great importance to well-being and job satisfaction.


Royal Greenland Academy coordinates the competence development of the company’s current and future employees. Our aim is to be able to attract and retain qualified employees through ongoing relevant competence development.

Status 2020

A total of 209 employees attended Royal Greenland Academy’s training and development courses.

Goal 2022

  • Implement Sulisa+ at selected factories and trawlers.
  • Offer local employees lessons in Greenlandic, Danish and Mathematics, based on the local workplace.
  • Retain knowledge in the company by increasing the number of permanent employees.


Royal Greenland Academy will be expanded with:

  • Tailored courses for selected employees and talents
  • Motivating and inspiring courses at the factories
  • Facilitation of Sulisa+ for employees at factories and on trawlers
  • Annual bootcamps held for trainees, apprentices and talents
  • Online training as a trial scheme to improve basic skills

Ambition 2030

Most of the employees are skilled and all of them are trained to perform jobs requiring a high level of competence.

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