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Courses for local fishermen

An understanding of the resource’s value chain from live fish to customer is the framework for achieving fish of the highest quality

Understanding the resource’s value chain from live fish to the customer is important.

The accessibility of the resource depends on good planning that involves fishermen and catch landing supervisors. The quality and sustainability of the fish is also a result of how fishing takes place. A good dialogue between fishermen and catch landing teams is vital to ensuring harmony between fisheries and catch landing capacity. It will be a great advantage to train fishermen together with catch landing teams, to ensure an understanding of both parties’ work, optimise quality and create value for both fishermen and Royal Greenland.


We wish to achieve an understanding of the resource’s value chain, from live fish to customer, in order to ensure fish of the best quality, and of the right size for processing, together with the opportunity for appropriate production planning.

We thus wish to achieve a wider understanding of sustainability and its significance to sales of fish and shellfish in the global market.

Status 2020

So far, there are no courses for local fishermen.

Goal 2022

Offer fishermen courses in fisheries-related topics in a minimum of five towns and offer joint courses for catch handling teams and fishermen in a minimum of five towns.

Ambition 2030

Our ambition is to include local suppliers and fishermen in courses under the Royal Greenland Academy.

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