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Building up competence in society

We will work to motivate employees and young people in Greenland’s local communities to enrol for education programmes

Royal Greenland is dedicated to contributing to building up competence in our society by offering trainees and apprentices practical training positions under short-, intermediate- and long-cycle higher education.

Around half of a year’s lower secondary school leavers to continue directly to upper secondary education. The number of young people enrolled in higher education in Greenland is increasing steadily. The recruitment basis for the fishing industry and the young people’s opportunities in general depend on even more young people opting for higher education. 

To promote access to upper secondary education, Royal Greenland has contributed actively to the development of cooperation between schools and businesses, under the auspices of CSR Greenland. The project is called “Qaqisa” and aims to motivate more young school leavers to opt for higher education, by increasing their knowledge of business and industry in Greenland.


We will work to motivate both employees and young people in Greenland’s local communities to opt for higher education. We will implement a range of initiatives to promote engagement with and interest in education, so that more employees and young people enrol for and complete an education.

Status 2020

The number of trainees and apprentices in Greenland was 39.

Goal 2022  

We will launch “Qaqisa” in selected towns and settlements.

Minimum 50 trainees and apprentices per year                                     


Young people in lower secondary school:

  • “Qaqisa” – lower secondary school classes are invited to visit the company’s’ factories and facilities.
  • Ensure a fixed level of enrolment of trainees and apprentices for professional training programmes.


  • Offer employees online courses or evening school programmes with focus on basic skills.

Young people in professional training programmes:

  • Close cooperation with representatives from Greenland’s Ministry of Education and educational institutions on developing the professions and strengthening students’ personal competences.
  • Close cooperation with other operators on competence development in the fishing industry.
  • Exchange programme for Academy programme students at Royal Greenland, with the opportunity for internships at offices in Greenland, Denmark and other countries.
  • Contribute to Greenland’s establishment of production training programmes in Greenland.

Ambition 2030

Competence building in Greenland and in other societies where we are present requires close cooperation with educational institutions and local organisations. We will continue to focus on this, with the ambition for most of our employees to receive professional training, and that both basic and professional training are made available to employees with the ability and the motivation to take this training.

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