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The existence of the company

We are creating sustainable earnings, potential for growth and long-term economic stability in Greenland.

Royal Greenland has a long history in Greenland and has grown to become a global player. However, the company’s focus continues to be on ensuring sustainable earnings for Greenlandic society. We are thus committed to looking at long-term solutions which take the environment and the surrounding community into account.

Focus on earnings and good business ethics
With sustainable resources and well-trained employees, we believe that we can secure stable earnings for the company. It is important to be able to produce consistently high quality to ensure good products for our customers and consumers.

According to our strategy, profit will always influence our approach to sustainability. 

Ethical supplier management

We operate in several geographical locations and trades with multiple suppliers, and sub-suppliers, from around the world.

In our effort to abide national and international standards and to safeguard ethical violations in our supply chain, we require our suppliers, and sub-suppliers, to comply with Royal Greenland’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

High or medium risk suppliers are additionally required to complete a self-evaluation where they will demonstrate their ethical performance within the themes of labor rights, anti-corruption, working conditions and environmental management.

Royal Greenland focuses on:

  • Ensuring access to resources and generating development throughout the North Atlantic
  • Buying and processing high-quality products which can be sold to quality-conscious customers
  • Being a competitive and respected company in the international food industry. 

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