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We're online for "Business without the handshake"


Ability to deliver high quality data about products and their delivery format to customers in a fast and precise way is more important than ever. As part of our “Business without the handshake” initiative Royal Greenland has recently launched the third Online Product Catalogue – this time for our professional retail customers in Europe and USA.

Three online product catalogues

Our sales platform is now fully digital, and we offer customers from Industry, Foodservice and Retail segments alike to take the deep dive into our broad product range and familiarize themselves with the opportunities.

As always, our salesforce is available for dialogue and will use this new tool as support in their daily work.

All three digital catalogues are automatically aligned with our ERP-system, on a daily basis, to ensure, that data are correct at all times and enriched with inspiration and relevant background information.

Retail Products Catalogue

Retail Products Catalogue

The Retail Catalogue provides an overview and insight into products available in the selected language and geographical area. In addition, the retail section explores the packaging options available, and provides further inspiration into both brand and private label opportunities.

Explore the Retail Products Catalogue

Foodservice Products Catalogue

Foodservice Products Catalogue

The Foodservice Catalogue provides an overview and insight into our extensive range available for foodservice wholesalers and end-users. In addition, our foodservice section provides inspirational content, background articles and recipes.

Explore the Foodservice Products Catalogue

Industrial Products Catalogue

Industrial Products Catalogue

The Industrial Products Catalogue provides an overview of all species available and the possibility to filter and search specific cuts and specifications. In addition, it is possible to see pictures of how the fish is cut and packed.

Explore the Industrial Products Catalogue

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