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Turning waste into valuable products


Royal Greenland's prawn processing factory in Aalborg, Denmark has managed to turn leftovers from the main production into a valuable product, while at the same time reducing waste.

The factory packaging frozen prawns and brined seafood amasses around 60 MT of prawn leftovers, in the form of tendrils, bits of shell, etc., every year. In the past this was taken for incineration. However, the prawn leftovers represent a valuable source of organic nutrients that can be utilized as an ingredient in animal feed. Therefore, Royal Greenland set up cooperation with a local producer of food for minks.

At the factory, the leftovers are collected every day and frozen. The mink feed producer then collects it every two weeks. The prawn leftovers replace pristine sources of animal nutrients. A win-win situation for both corporations and a sustainable business case, financially as well as environmentally.

Read more about Royal Greenland's sustainability efforts here

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