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Scientific study on seabed habitats and ecosystems


Sustainable Fisheries Greenland (SFG) supports a Ph.D. study on seabed habitats and ecosystems in collaboration with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources with the aim of mapping vulnerable ecosystems for the benefit of fishermen and other stakeholders.

The study was performed by Helle Jørgensbye, Ph.d. student at the Institute of Aquatic Resources at Danish Technical University. Through data mining, fieldwork and examination of the seabed off West Greenland, Jørgensbye located several areas with rare corals and other bottom dwelling fauna in previously uncharted areas of the vast coastline. The vulnerable ecosystems were mapped out, making it possible to protect them. The data collected will be published in international scientific journals like Polar Biology and the ICES Insight.

The study was backed financially by Sustainable Fisheries Greenland, an organisation consisting of a number of stakeholders and producers in the Greenlandic fishing industry, including Royal Greenland, working to ensure long-term sustainability for fisheries in the North Atlantic. In addition, Lisbeth Due-Schönemann Paul, CSR Manager at Royal Greenland supervised the project.

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