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Royal Greenland’s Masilik invited to perform trial fishery in Qaanaaq


The newly acquired longline ship Masilik has begun a trial fishery for Greenland Halibut in the Qaanaaq area and will continue until the ice settles.

A trial fishery in Qaanaaq for the Greenland Halibut has started the 24th of august in an attempt to further develop the fishing trade in the area. The idea for the trial fishery has sprung from an interest by Naalakkersuisut in developing the fishing trade in Avanersuaq and because of this, Masilik was invited to perform trial fishery at two selected areas.

Masilik has during the summer fished for cod and tusk in Eastern Greenland, but will now fish for Greenland halibut as a trial fishery both inshore and offshore. The longline vessel is owned by Ice Trawl A/S, who has also been in charge of applying for the fishing license to the trial fishery.   

Masilik is a robust vessel, measuring 50 by 11 meters and capable of holding up to 450 ton and space on board for 11 crew members.

"Masilik has been granted license to begin inshore fishery in the Qaanaaq area as well as a license for offshore fishery in another area", says Chairman of Ice Trawl A/S and Senior Advisor in Royal Greenland, Ove Rosing Olsen.

Since the 24th of august and the beginning of the trial fishery, the inshore area has shown a small scale fishery, but it is expected to improve later in the season. The offshore fishery is experiencing a good progress and is coming to be commercially interesting. Both fisheries are subject to a set of regulations as a condition for the license. 

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