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Royal Greenland signs contract for a fifth new trawler

The latest addition to the fleet M/tr Nataarnaq was initiated in 2021

Royal Greenland continues to strengthen its North Atlantic fleet and signs contract for fifth new trawler.

Since 2019, Royal Greenland has continuously worked on replacing older vessels in the trawler fleet with new and more modern vessels. This has led to an increase in production capacity, efficiency, flexibility and a reduced climate impact from the trawlers as well as better conditions for the crew onboard.

A fifth trawler has now been ordered to replace Akamalik;

- We are pleased to announce that we have ordered another trawler. With this addition to our fleet, our fishery will be even more efficient, the fuel economy will improve and we will be able to offer better facilities for our crew onboard, Lars Nielsen, Production Director at Royal Greenland, explains.

The cooperation with Spanish shipyard Astilleos De Murueta will continue for the fifth trawler in the fleet and there are several reasons for this;

- We have been very satisfied with the four trawlers delivered from the shipyard and because of this we wish to continue our cooperation with Astilleros De Murueta. In addition, we can reuse the design and production set-up from the previous vessels, which helps reduce the costs, Lars Nielsen says.


M/tr Akamalik to be sold

As its predecessor the new ship will be named Akamalik and is expected to be completed and ready for commissioning in 2025, replacing the current M/tr Akamalik, which has been in service since 2001.

- By replacing M/tr Akamalik while the ship is still operational, we can sell the ship at a reasonable price which will help cover the cost of the new trawler, Lars Nielsen continues.

The new Akamalik will be 82.3 meters long, have a cargo capacity of 2950 m3, a sailing speed of 15 knots and accommodate a crew of 30.

- This is a win both economically and for the environment because it inherently reduces Royal Greenland's total CO2 emissions per kg caught, says Lars Nielsen.

The new Akamalik will be a prawn trawler, as the current M/tr Akamalik.

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