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Royal Greenland introduces skinpack


Royal Greenland now offers skinpack as a new packaging option for smoked fish products and customers focusing on the retail segment. It provides numerous opportunities for presenting a product beautifully and with an added high grate paper sleeve it offers a distinct premium look to consumers at the cooling counter.

With skinpack the products are wrapped tightly in a translucent film, showing a beautiful overview of the entire product - allowing the product to speak for itself. The packaging process drapes heated film over the product. The heat makes the surface adhesive, locking the film tight to the product surface, making it both look and feel attractive.

The tightly wrapped skinpackaging creates a number of opportunities within product presentation. The significant design is a great eye catcher for consumers, because the product literally pops up from the counter. In Denmark and Sweden Royal Greenland also offer a branded product selection in skinpack, for example our new GOURMET Sliced cod and salmon.

Royal Greenland's selection of products in skinpack includes;

GOURMET Sliced cold smoked salmon

GOURMET Sliced cold smoked cod

Hot smoked Greenland halibut

Hot smoked salmon

Hot smoked salmon with pepper

Read more about our GOURMETsliced products here 

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