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Nutaaq® Cod and Greenland halibut put to the test by German chefs


4 German chefs put our Nutaaq® Cod and Greenland halibut to the test when we asked them to evaluate the two products and use them to invent their own recipes.

At a 3-hour session in the German Seefischkochstudio, 4 professional chefs had a talk about the advantages of frozen fish, packaging and our Nutaaq® cod and Greenland halibut in particular.

In general frozen fish had positive associations among the chefs, who highlighted the advantages of availability, consistency in quality and the option to offer customers a wider selection.

A chef prepares a dish with our cold-smoked Atlantic cod

Working with Nutaaq®

Nutaaq® cod performed particularly well with the chefs who chose to grill it or fry it on the pan, where the snow-white meat with absolutely no red blood clots were noted as a major plus. Receiving a whole fillet with skin worked perfectly for the chefs, as the fillet enables them to carve any type of portion they need and cod with skin is well suited for pan-frying, which is the most preferred method for cooking cod in Germany.

The chefs also enhanced the fresh and mild taste as a great feature that makes the cod a crowd pleaser – even for children or beginners within seafood.

The Nutaaq® cod from Royal Greenland is processed extremely fast to preserve the flavours and moisture of a freshly caught cod. Nutaaq® cod has a mild umami flavour and a delicate sweetness to the firm and juicy meat. When cooked, the cod flakes beautifully into snow-white pieces and provides a healthy and nutritious meal with its high protein and low fat content.
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Exploring opportunities with Greenland halibut

In Germany, the Greenland Halibut is primarily known as a smoked product, whereas the crisp-white filet, known and loved for its versatility and cooking abilities, is an up and coming product.

Greenland halibut is renowned for its cooking abilities in the professional kitchens, where the white meat is easily cooked to perfection wether steamed, pan-fried or cooked in oven. The mild umami flavour and buttery texture is appreciated across the world for its versatility in flavour combinations and cooking methods.
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The Greenland Halibut was well received by the chefs, who truly put it to the test in their cooking, where it was served as tartare, steamed and pan-fried. The results were moist, delicious fish dishes, that all delivered excellent taste. The chefs enhanced the pleasing, neutral taste, the beautiful appearance on the plate and the delicious aroma. 

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