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Experience our new GOURMET Sliced cod and salmon


Royal Greenland is proud to introduce our GOURMET Sliced series, developed with extra thick slices of cold smoked fish, based directly on demands from our markets for a cold smoked product with a luxury feel perfect for appetizers.

The series of GOURMET Sliced product features cold smoked cod and salmon – two of Royal Greenland's familiar products – now introduced in thick and luxurious slices of approx. 7mm. The thick slices give a significantly different taste and mouthfeel, where both the delicate, creamy texture and mild, smoky flavour can be enjoyed to its full extent because of the generous cuts. 

The GOURMET Sliced smoked salmon is ideal for appetizers, where the substantial slices look inviting for a fuller taste experience of the delicate, smoky flavours.

The thick slices present themselves beautifully both on the plate and in the skin packaging, where the texture and feel can almost be sensed through the transparent film of the skin packaging. Read more about our skin pack solutions here

The cold smoked cod is a Greenlandic delicacy that has a mild, smoky taste and lean texture compared to other types of cold smoked fish. The cold smoked salmon is a classic with the well-known soft texture and intense, smoked flavour. 

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