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Ice Cap

Cold-water prawn, shell-on, MSC

Sea-cooked, count 50+ pcs/kg, 10 x 400g, frozen

Cold-water prawn, shell-on, MSC
  • Species Pandalus borealis
  • Item number 104776440
  • Net weight incl. glaze 419 g
  • Net weight excl. glaze 400 g
  • Glaze (%) 2 - 7
  • Shelflife (days) 360
  • Storage Frozen
  • MSC certificate no. MSC-C-54912
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These Ice Cap shell-on prawns are of a good and consistent quality. They are fished in the open seas in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans where they grow very slowly and thus develop a pleasant flavour and texture. The prawns are cooked and frozen onboard right after catch.

  • Wild catch
  • Single frozen


This product is packed in a bag

  • Convenient plastic foil bag 
  • Attractive brand design that stands out in the freezer

On pack description

Shell-on cold-water prawns are cooked and frozen at sea within 3 hours from catch. The fast processing locks in the natural flavour and the crisp, moist texture. Gentle thawing in the refrigerator best preserves the ultimate freshness of the prawns.

Catching information

  • Area Northwest Atlantic (FAO 21), Northeast Atlantic (FAO 27)
  • Method Trawls
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