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Royal Greenland

Cold-water prawn, shell-on, MSC

Sea-cooked, count 70-90 pcs/kg, 12 x 1 kg, frozen

Royal Greenland A/S

Hellebarden 7,

9230 Svenstrup, Denmark

Tel. +45 98154400

Cold-water prawn, shell-on, MSC
Cold-water prawn, shell-on, MSC


This product belongs to our branded, premium tier range of high quality seafood from the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

  • Size L (count 70-90)
  • Wild caught
  • MSC certified, sustainable fishery


This product is packed in a solid carton box.

  • Solid packaging that doesn't break
  • Attractive brand design that stands out in the freezer
  • FSC certified, carton from sustainable forestry


On pack description

Cold-water prawns from The Davis Strait

These large and carefully selected shell-on prawns are caught in the deep and icy waters of The Davis Strait off the coast of West Greenland. To preserve the prawn's natural freshness and quality, they are cooked in sea water and handpacked onboard the ship.

The prawns are characterized by their beautiful and long feelers as well as their their cruncy shell with the significant red colour, that causes the characteristic markings on the peeled prawn.

In the icy waters, the prawns grow slowly and have time to fully develop its complex taste and texture. Because of this, the prawns have a pleasantly firm texture and a distinct sweetness with a deep and delicate shellfish taste. Combined, these provide a unique taste experience.


Prawns (crustaceans) (Pandalus borealis). May contain traces of fish.

Catching gear


Catching area

Northwest Atlantic (FAO 21)