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Southern king crab salad

Southern king crab salad

  • Southern king crab
  • Shell-on


             Southern king crab clusters (cooked)

1           Pomegranate

1           Lime

1           Red grapefruit

6           Green asparagus

Some handful Green salad


             Eatable flowers for decoration

Cooking instructions

Peel the lime and grapefruit. Cut out the wedges for plating.

Prepare the crab by cutting off the end at the cluster, then bend the 'joint' backwards so the inside cartilage of the meat can be pulled out. Cut off the top end and the meat should fall out rather easily.

On a hot grill, prepare both the green asparagus and a lime, cut in ½, this caramelization will give some extra sweetness to the lime juice.

Place all ingredients starting with the salat to create some height, after this the more fragile ingredients as the grilled asparagus.

Finally arrange the meat of the crab clusters, fresh herbs and flowers.

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