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Southern king crab salad

Southern king crab salad

  • Southern king crab
  • Shell-on


Southern king crab clusters (cooked)

1 pomegranate

1 lime

1 red grapefruit

6 green asparagus

Green salad


Edible flowers for decoration

Cooking instructions

Peel the lime and grapefruit and carve fillets from the pulp. Put aside for later.

Prepare the crab by cutting off the end at the cluster, then bend the joint backwards so the inside cartilage of the meat can be pulled out. Cut off the top end and tab the open end towards a cutting board to remove the meat from the shell. 

Slice the lime and grill it to caramelize the pulp. Grill the asparagus. 

Plate all ingredients, starting with the salad at the center to create height. 

Finish with arranging the crab meat, fresh herbs and flowers as well as the citrus fillets. 


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