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Chilean sea bass meunière with Hokkaido pumpkin

Chilean sea bass meunière with Hokkaido pumpkin

  • Chilean sea bass
  • Fillet portion


2 pcs 4 oz Chilean sea bass

400 g        Small potatoes

a bunch of Parsley

a tbsp        Butter

½               Hokkaido pumpkin

1                Pomegranate

a few          Samphire

1                Lime

                  Sour Cream 38 %

                  Durum flour

                  Butter for frying

                  Fresh herbs as parsley, dill & chives

Cooking instructions

Grill Hokkaido pumpkin and season with flaky sea salt.

Boil small potatoes and mash them gently so the structure of the potatoes remains, mix with chopped parsley, butter and some salt.

Make a dressing of the sour cream with lime juice, salt, pepper and some freshly chopped herbs.

Turn the Chilean sea bass portion in durum flour and fry it on a medium heat pan with oil & butter for approx. 5 min on each side.

Note: fry it on 1 side until the crust turns golden brown, flip the portion gently over and let it fry on low heat until finished.

Plate the 'mashed' potatoes in a ring, add the grilled Hokkaido and dressing on the plate.

Add the golden, meunière fried fish portion on top of the potatoes and decorate the dish with samphire, lime wedges and pomegranate.

Serve with a glass of cold white wine.

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