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Pan-fried Chilean sea bass with cabbage

Pan-fried Chilean sea bass with cabbage

  • Chilean sea bass
  • Fillet portion


2 pcs 8 oz Chilean sea bass

a few pcs. Romanesco

a few pcs. Yellow cauliflower

2               Baby carrots    

1/4            Kohlrabi

1 tbsp.       Capers

1-2 tbsp. Butter

1               Candy Cane Beet                

some         Eatable flowers for decorating

Cooking instructions

Peel the candy cane beet and slice on a mandolin, place the slices in ice-cold water to keep the candy beet crudité crispy.

Cut the Romanesco and cauliflower in smaller pieces, no bigger than the size of a tablespoon.

Use a Parisienne iron to cut balls out of the kohlrabi.

Clean the baby carrots and prepare all vegetables on a pan.

Heat some butter on a pan and let it slightly change to a darker golden brown before adding the portion of Chilean sea bass.

This 'browned butter' will give a nuttier and stronger taste.

Let the Chilean sea bass fry and when turning the fish around add a tablespoon of capers to the pan (this might sizzle for a bit).

When the fish feels firm, but flaky when adding a bit of pressure on it, then the fish is done.

Place all ingredients gently with all the bright colours facing up.

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