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Royal Greenland

Salmon roe

100g glass, 6 x 100g, chilled

Salmon roe
Salmon roe
  • Species Oncorhynchus keta
  • Item number 182100731
  • Net weight 100 g
  • Shelflife (days) 360
  • Storage Chilled
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Salmon roe bursts open with a small pop when eaten and releases a flavourful taste of fresh and salty sea. It has a bright orange colour, that sometimes leans red and a rather large size compared to other roe or caviar. 

Royal Greenland's salmon roe is pasteurized for full food safety and is easily stored in the refrigerator, where the re-sealable lids provide flexible use.  

Cooking with lumpfish roe

Cooking with lumpfish roe

Lumpfish roe is ideal as garnish to seafood servings or served as a starter. Explore our recipes with lumpfish roe here. 

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Catching information

  • Area Northeast Pacific (FAO 67)
  • Method Gillnets and similar nets, Seines
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