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Salmon, Jalapesco, breaded, green

50g, pre-fried, 3 x 1 kg, frozen

Salmon, Jalapesco, breaded, green
Salmon, Jalapesco, breaded, green
  • Species Salmo salar
  • Item number 161054141
  • Net weight 1000 g
  • Shelflife (days) 540
  • Storage Frozen
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Salmon has a bright, pink colour and soft meat with an intense and rich flavour. With 3 g of Omega-3 fatty acids per 100 g, salmon offers a high content and is also a good source of vitamin D. 

Jalapescos made with salmon offer fast and easy cooking with a crisp surface and plenty of moisture to the meat inside. They are ideal for snack time, as an appetizer, side dish or as street food. The product contains green jalapenos, which gives a delicious flavour to the meat.

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Catching information

  • Area Farmed in: UK, Scotland, Chile, Norway
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