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Cod nugget, breaded

28g, 50% fish, pre-fried, 5 x 1 kg, frozen

Cod nugget, breaded
Cod nugget, breaded
  • Species Gadus morhua
  • Item number 153055000
  • Net weight 1000
  • Shelflife (days) 540
  • Storage Frozen
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Atlantic cod has a fresh and mild umami flavour with a slight sweetness to the firm, juicy meat. Thanks to the cod’s upbringing in the ice-cold and clean waters around Greenland, the meat is very white and the flavour fully developed. It flakes nicely when cooked and with its high protein and low fat it offers a healthy and nutritious meal. 

The breading offers a crisp and rich counterpart to the mild flavours of the Atlantic cod and are ovenable straight from the freezer.

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  • Area Northwest Atlantic (FAO 21)
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