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Royal Greenland A/S

Hellebarden 7,

9230 Svenstrup, Denmark

Tel. +45 98154400


Lightly salted cod fillets, skin on, PBI, IQF, 200-500g

  • Species Gadus morhua
  • Item number 130028100
  • Net weight inclusive of glaze 10000 g
  • Net weight exclusive of glaze 9000 g
  • Shelflife (days) 720
  • Storage Frozen
Lightly salted cod fillets, skin on, PBI, IQF, 200-500g

Atlantic cod from Greenland has naturally very white meat and a deliciously delicate flavor due to the cold, clean environment it lives in. Lightly salted cod is appreciated for its unique firm consistency and sweet, fresh flavor.

Royal Greenland has developed a procedure of producing high quality salted cod – produced without using any chemicals and fit for modern kitchens. The product is lightly salted which means that compared to dry-salted cod it can be prepared much quicker.

The cod is caught in the clean and cold waters in southern Greenland and processed locally right after catch. Once landed the cod are brined in a saltwater solution the old fashioned way. The long time allows the fresh cod meat to soak the salt into the meat slowly and the salt level will be even though the whole fillet


The Atlantic cod is popular across the world for its unique flavour and versatility in the kitchen. Lightly salted cod is an appreciated and well-known product in many countries where it is often used in traditional dishes such as the Italian “Baccalà”.

Thawing instructions

Defrost in refrigerator at max 5°C

Cooking instructions

Prepare in oven at low heat or on pan lighty dusted medium heat


Cod (fish), water, salt.  Water (protective glaze).

Catching area

Northwest Atlantic (FAO 21)

Catching gear

Trawls, Hooks and lines, Gillnets and similar nets

Lightly salted cod fillets, skin on, PBI, IQF, 200-500g