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Royal Greenland A/S

Hellebarden 7,

9230 Svenstrup, Denmark

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Greenland Halibut loins, skin-on, 170-210g

  • Species Reinhardtius hippoglossoides
  • Item number 121184540
  • Net weight inclusive of glaze 3260 g
  • Net weight exclusive of glaze 3000 g
  • Shelflife (days) 720
  • Storage Frozen
Greenland Halibut loins,  skin-on, 170-210g

Greenland halibut has a sweet and buttery umami flavour and a soft, pleasant texture. The meat is very white and the flavour fully developed, due to the slow growth in the ice-cold waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. Greenland halibut has a high natural content of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids (2.36 g/100 g) and potassium.

The loin is cut from the dorsal part of the fillet, which is also the thickest and leanest part. Greenland halibut loins are very uniform in size and shape, making them ideal for portion servings and a la carte.


Greenland halibut is easy to handle in the kitchen; it adapts flavours from marinades and spices very well, is easy to cook and never goes dry, even when slightly overcooked.

Thawing instructions

Defrost in refrigerator at max 5°C

Cooking instructions

Prepare in oven at low heat or on pan at moderate heat


Greenland halibut loins (fish). Water (protective glaze). A few bones may remain. 

Catching area

Northwest Atlantic (FAO 21)

Catching gear

Hooks and lines, Trawls, Gillnets and similar nets

Greenland Halibut loins,  skin-on, 170-210g