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Snow crab, sections, cooked

8 oz +, 30 lb (13,608 kg), frozen

Royal Greenland A/S

Hellebarden 7,

9230 Svenstrup, Denmark

Tel. +45 98154400

Snow crab, sections, cooked
Snow crab, sections, cooked

Snow crabs are an ultimate delicacy from the North with tender and juicy meat that is packed with luscious and delicate flavors. They are caught in the northernmost parts of the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, where the cold and clean surroundings make the crabs grow slowly, giving them time to develop their unique taste and texture. Snow crab is low in fat and rich in iodine, zinc, vitamin A and B12, making it a healthy meal with a true twist of luxury.

Snow crab sections are ready to eat after a gentle thawing in the refrigerator, because they are cooked prior to freezing. They are best suited for cold servings such as salads, on buffets, in sandwiches or in sushi, but can also be enjoyed in warm dishes such as risotto and pasta.


Snow crab, salt. Water (protective glaze).


The snow crab sections are uniform in appearance and size. They are well complimented by fatty and sour flavors such as a creamy mayo and a slice of lemon to enhance the rich and unique taste of the snow crab.

Cooking instructions

Remove shell and eat after defrosting

Thawing instructions

Defrost in refrigerator

Catching gear


Catching area

Northwest Atlantic (FAO 21)