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Perfectly sized and easy-to-prep snacks with tasty fish and spicy jalapeño

Jalapescos is a small, breaded snack filled with either MSC-certified saithe and red jalapeños or salmon and green jalapeños. The combination of the spicy peppers and the tasty saithe or salmon gives these crunchy Jalapescos a perfect mix of spicy and savoury with a medium hot flavour.

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Product catalogue

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Jalapescos are perfect as a snack because of their size. Use them for informal dining, serve them from a street food truck or present them as a buffet item with a tasty dip.

Tip: Prepare the Jalapescos for 9 min. at 165°C in the deep fryer. Put two Jalapescos on a stick. Serve with French fries and a dip made from sour cream, tarragon, salt and pepper for a street food style snack.

You can prepare them directly from frozen without thawing in the oven or in the deep fryer for added convenience.

  • Perfect mix of savory and spicy – delicious and tasty
  • Ideally sized servings
  • Many serving options – snack time, as appetizers or street food
  • Prepare directly from frozen – no thawing
  • Fast and easy to prepare in oven or deep fryer



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