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Hot smoked Greenland halibut

Hot-smoked Greenland halibut

Royal Greenland now offers two variants of hot-smoked Greenland halibut; a whole fillet side or 100g. portions. The products are ideal alternatives to smoked salmon, can be served both hot and cold, and will impress diners with a pleasantly soft texture and full-filling smoke flavor.

Product catalogue!

Product catalogue!

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A true Greenlandic delicacy

Greenlandic halibut has snow-white meat and a delicious soft texture perfectly fit for smoking. In our smokehouse the fish is salted and dried before it is smoked over beech wood at a temperature of 60 degrees C. The smoking is a slow process of approximately 6 hours - slightly shorter for the portions than for the whole sides. The lengthy process gives the fish a perfect texture and quality - and the result is a mild and delicate smoke flavor combined with tender and tasty meat.

Full of flavor

Hot-smoked Greenland halibut offers a wide array of possibilities in the kitchen. It is versatile and is ideal for both hot and cold dishes - as an alternative to hot-smoked salmon. The fish presents itself nicely and can be used for single servings as well as on a buffet where the whole fillet attracts attention. Moreover the products works well in starters, pasta-dishes or sandwiches.



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