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Fully cooked

Fully cooked fish saves time in the kitchen and offers a versatile product, that can be served both heated or just as it is

A new range of fully cooked, coated fish is now available from Royal Greenland.



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Our range of fully cooked fish are prepared and fried to a core temperature of 72˚C before they are quick frozen, making the products fully cooked and ready for serving once thawed. The products are versatile and can be: 

- served cold, just thawn and use directly
- gently heated for 9 minutes at 230˚C

The product offers easy portioning as each item is individually quick frozen. Wether served cold or gently heated, the product is simple to prepare and offers timely servings. 

  • The range of fully cooked fish from Royal Greenland offers: 
  • Breaded plaice fillets
  • Breaded flounder fillets
  • Alaska pollock nuggets in tempura batter
  • Heerring fillets with rye breading
  • Breaded herring fillets



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