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Salmon fillet portions

Laks har et højt indhold af omega 3-fedtsyrer og er en god kilde til D-vitamin

Royal Greenland’s salmon fillet portions without skin are produced from the best raw material – the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar).

Product overview

Product overview

View our salmon fillet portions here

Salmon has a clear, pink colour and tender meat with an intense and rich flavour, it has a high content of omega-3 fatty acids and is a good source of vitamin D. Its flavourful meat provides plenty of umami with a sweet taste, which is finely enhanced by adding a slightly acidic or bitter flavour.

With Royal Greenland’s salmon fillet portions, you get:

  • Salmon fillet portions (Salmo salar) from fish farms in Norway
  • Fillet portions without skin and nerve bones (PBO), allowing easy handling in the kitchen
  • Only fillet portions – no tail pieces
  • Individually frozen fillet portions, which retain their freshness, and make it easy to only thaw the number you need to use
  • All Natural – Royal Greenland’s own brand and your guarantee of cleanness, sustainability and food safety in all our natural fish
  • Green Keyhole

The salmon fillet portions are particularly suitable for serving as portions and in buffets.

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