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Grilled Chilean sea bass on corn purée

Grilled Chilean sea bass on corn purée

  • Chilean sea bass
  • Fillet portion


2 pcs 8 oz Chilean sea bass

2              Corn on cob

1 tbsp.      Butter

a bit          Chives

½              Pumpkin (Hokkaido)

1 dl            Milk

 1/4           Kohlrabi

1 tbsp.       Vinaigrette

Cooking instructions

Heat up a grill to be properly heated.

Boil the corn 25-30 minutes in plenty of slightly salted water.

Boil the pumpkin and kohlrabi in a mixture of milk and water until tender.

When boiled, cut of some corn "slices" off the cob. Blend the rest together with a bit of butter to purée.

Place the purée on a plate and corn "slices" on top.

When the grill pattern is visual, flip over the sea bass and let it finish cooking on the other side.

Try to flip the fish as less as possible as cooked fish tends to become very tender and therefor also more fragile.

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