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Royal Greenland

Flounder fillet, breaded

2.5-3.5oz, 54% fish, fully cooked, 11.023 lbs, frozen

Royal Greenland US, Inc

280 Summer Street, Floor 5

US-Boston, MA 02210-1131 

Flounder fillet, breaded
Flounder fillet, breaded
Flounder fillet, breaded

Flounder has a mild flavor with a delicate texture and it is a cost-efficient alternative to the popular plaice. Flounder is a lean fish with a naturally high content of vitamin B12 and B3, selenium and protein.

The fully cooked and breaded flounder fillets are ready to eat instantly after defrosting, but are also well suited for a heating without going dry, giving a versatile product to work with in the kitchen.


Flounder fillets ( 54%) (Fish), breading (46%): Flour (wheat), water, rapeseed oil, potato starch, salt, dextrose, yeasts, white pepper, natural aroma. Product fully cooked in rapeseed oil.


The mild and delicate aromas of the flounder are well accompanied by savory flavors. The thin fillets are well suited for fast cooking.

Cooking instructions

The fully fried fillets have been prepared to a core temperature of 72°C. Thus the fillets do only need to thaw before serving. The frozen fillets can be heated for 9 minutes at 230°C in a pre-heated oven.

Thawing instructions

Defrost in fridge at +5°C for 24 hours. After defrosting keep at +5°C and consume within max 5 days. For best results consume directly after defrosting.

Catching area

Northeast Atlantic (FAO 27)