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Royal Greenland

Greenland turbot, loin

skinless, 2 x 4 oz, IVP, 10 x 8 oz, frozen

Royal Greenland US, Inc

60 Guild Street

Norwood, MA 02062

Tel.: +1 508-400-1277 

Greenland turbot, loin


This product belongs to our branded, premium tier range of high quality seafood from the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

  • Greenland turbot loins
  • High in omega-3 (2.36 g/100 g)
  • Wild caught


This product is packed in a solid carton box.

  • Solid packaging that doesn't break
  • Window for great product display
  • Attractive brand design that stands out in the freezer
  • FSC certified carton from sustainable forestry

On pack description

Greenland turbot is a mild flavored whitefish with a pleasantly juicy texture. Greenland turbot loin is easy to prepare as it doesn't go dry - it is ideal for oven baking or pan frying... Enjoy!

Since 1774, Royal Greenland has brought sustainably wild caught, high quality seafood from the ice-cold waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans to the world. Our main processing facilities are located in Greenland and Canada, close to the fishing grounds, and it is here we source the finest seafood. Royal Greenland is committed to creating prosperity and sustainable development within the communities that deliver our seafood.


Turbot loins (fish). Water as protective glaze.

Catching gear

Trawls, Gillnets and similar nets, Hooks and lines

Catching area

Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, Spitzbergen and Bear Island (FAO 27 II), North Sea (FAO 27 IV), East Greenland (FAO 27 XIV)