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Royal Greenland is the expert on sustainably sourced seafood. We are kitchen-focused and insight-driven and provide seafood solutions that create value for customers.

Royal Greenland is a dedicated partner for Foodservice and Gastro professionals. We deliver relevant, sustainable seafood products and services that create value and delight diners.

Our varied ranges cater for a wide variety of kitchens, and we acknowledge that not all kitchens are the same, since we have products that are ideal for any occasion, for streamlined portion control, quick serving, buffet servings or elegant à la carte presentations.

Our team of development chefs take pride in offering innovative solutions that can add value for professional kitchens. We strive to make the working day easier and more interesting for our customers. We are also excited about cooking with seafood and as we develop new ideas, tips, recipes and new flavor combinations, we will happily share these with other seafood enthusiasts here on our website.

Our product ranges have something to offer for any chef who cooks seafood...

Professional range

Professional range

Our Professional range is crafted by seafood professionals who combine traditional know-how with modern techniques to develop seafood products that make it easy, safe and fun to serve fish of good, consistent quality and to delight diners.
Se our professional range here...

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