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Along the west coast of Newfoundland & Labrador and Matane, Royal Greenland owns 7 factories

Royal Greenland owns 7 factories and processing facilities in Newfoundland & Labrador and Matane in Canada. The factories in Canada mainly operate with prawns, crab, lobsters, whelk and scallops.

Old Perlican

Factory Manager: Guido Koenigs
Primary species: Prawns, Snow crab, Whelk, Scallop, Cod
Products: Cooked & Peeled, IQF, Crab sections/Cooked snow crab, In shell/cooked whelk, Scallops
Capacity: 195 t/day
Cold store capacity: 300 ton
Employees: 400 low/peak seasons



Factory Manager: Chris Butler
Primary species: Ground fish, Pelagics
Products: Split/salt fish, Block frozen capelin/herring/mackerel
Capacity: 38 t/day
Cold store capacity: 1000 ton
Employees: 30 low/peak seasons

Cape Broyle

Factory Manager: Doug Young
Primary species: snow crab, pelagics, scallops, sea cucumber, cod
Products: Crab sections/cooked/RAW snow crab, Block frozen capelin/herring/
mackerel, Butterfly cut/gutted sea cucumber, J-Cut/H&G/HOG Greenland halibut
Capacity: 110 t/day
Cold store capacity: 75 ton
Employees: 135 low/peak seasons

Conche Seafood

Factory Manager: Stedman Letto
Primary species: Snow crab, whelk, Pelagics, Lobster
Products: Crab sections/Cooked snow crab, in shell/cooked whelk, Block frozen capelin/herring/mackerel, J-Cut/H&G/HOG Greenland halibut, Lobster fresh/frozen
Capacity: 145 t/day
Cold store capacity: 50 ton
Employees: 70 low/peak seasons


Southern Harbour

Factory Manager: Phonse White
Primary: Capelin, heering, mackarel, lobster, ground fish
Products: Block frozen capelin/herring/mackerel, Fresh/frozen lobsteer
Capacity: 24 t/day
Cold store capacity: 80 ton
Employees: 50-100 low/peak seasons

St. Anthony

Factory Manager: Interim Stedman Letto
Primary species: Prawn, Snow crab,
Products: Cooked & peeled prawns, Crab sections
Capacity: 30 t/day
Employees: 120 low/peak seasons

New Harbour

Cold storage
Manager: Chris Butler
Cold store capacity: 1000 ton
Employees: 4

Live lobster holding
Manager: Chris Fong

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