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Our approach to sustainability

The wild seafood stocks in the North Atlantic and the Arctic region form the base of our company and is the basis of life for many people

Sustainable fisheries and employee development is at the heart of corporate social responsibility.

Royal Greenland is a very important company for the Greenlandic community. We are Greenland’s largest employer, and the way in which resources are managed has a great impact on the development of Greenland.

As a global company, Royal Greenland has an influence on the societies in which we operate in and outside of Greenland. We want to assume responsibility for all activities and contribute to a positive development of the societies of which we take part in.

Royal Greenland has been working with sustainability and corporate social responsibility for years and since 2012 adopted a structured approach to the tasks.

Sustainability Strategy
Our sustainability strategy is based on the UN Global Compact's ten principles and closely tied to our business mission. The sustainability strategy – For the benefit of Greenland and Royal Greenland – is based on the triple bottom line approach: PeoplePlanetProfit.

What furthermore makes the approach strategic is the implementation of two fundamental principles:

  1. Environmental and social development and initiatives must support economic growth
  2. Business growth must support environmental and social development in the local community

CSR is all about balancing economic, social and environmental sustainability: People - Planet - Profit

Mikael Thinghuus, CEO, Royal Greenland

CSR policy
As a company owned by the Greenland Self Rule Government and because we are Greenland’s largest employer we hold a special responsibility for making a positive contribution to society.

Royal Greenland’s CSR policy states the company’s approach to social responsibility in the following areas:


Read our full Sustainability strategy, our CSR policy and our Related Documents here.

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